shrines ヾ(☆▽☆)

ummm i dont actually have the shrines up just yet HOWEVER i have lotsandlots of love for these thingymabobs and ive been hyperfixated on both for like a year.... ish (is it consider a special interest then? idk thats what googles telling me) and uh. yeah! to give you a summary of these obsessions, slipknot is my 3rd artist of all time right behind type o negative and deftones (as of 29/5/24), i have 7 cds (still missing iowa and the grey chapters... aargh!!), 2 shirts, 1 hoodie, 2 funko pops and a cassette tape, basically nearly every single one of my online profiles is slipknot-themed or has a slipknot pfp. i cant actually put my archer hyperfixation into... like.. words? i do own both books though and ive rewatched it an unimaginable amount of times since april 2023