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uhmm i had so many ideas until i actually started typing. hello i am kieran or griffin or jay occasionally (trying 2 phase jay out though..) i use xe/he/it prns preferably and i am a genderfluid lesbian on the aroace spectrum!

i have manymanymany interests including archer, slipknot, story writing, coding, 90s-2000s music/fashion/film, film nerd stuff and uhhh.... yeah :D archer and slipknot r my main hyperfixes atm and ill make shrines for them ater but ill probably talk about them a bunch lol

umm to give myself a bit of backstory i was born in a cold frozen wasteland (semi-rural nsw) and i currently reside in satans actual fucking ballsack (southeast QLD)...... and yeah thats kinda it. spacehey got me interested in coding in sept-oct of 2023 and now im here! ummm just as like a little warning i do have like major bigtime social anxiety (which im working on!) sooo messages on most platforms are off.... still feel free to send a message about anything important and ill respond as quick as i can! ^_^

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name: kieran griffin jayden WizardManStaff

orientation(s): i have quite a few but primarily i am a genderfluid lesbian on the aroace spectrum (*¯ ³¯*)♡ fun fact i also identify as ambiamorous.... which is fun!

age: listen man i totally 100% understand wanting to have an adults/minors only safespace out here on the ye olde web but there is absolutely no way in hell am i putting my actual age out here on Ye Olde Web... however i will say i am under 18 and im chill interacting w/ anyone over 14 ^_^ if ur not cool w/ interacting w/ minors totally all good and just let me know!

bday: feb 6 1788 ( ఠ ͟ʖ ఠ)

poltical bits n pieces: ummm im actually not 100% sure where i stand on this (・・ ) ? my views seem to generally align w/ anarchist or anything generally on the left, feminism-wise i thinkk im anarcha or intersectional. or both!

religious-y: i have an extremely one-sided, sort-of complicated relationship w/ religion (meaning my family was never religious but i was kinda Obsessed from ages like 6/8-12/13) and im kinda experimenting a bit w/ satanism but atm id generally consider myself agnostic

brainnnnn thhhhiinnngggsss: i know its an extremely bad idea to share this stuff on the World Wide Web but most of this heavily affects the way i interact w/ others and the world around me so. i am autistic (still working on diagnosis shhh) and i have something social anxiety adjacent so i just. Cannot Talk. yeaahhh.... other then that theres not much going on in my brain as far as im aware but there is some stuff i do suspect i have (wont list here but yes i will be talking to a medical professional about it)

fav movies: there will be blood, on the silver globe, brokeback mountain & donnie darko (PLEASE check my letterboxd theres a full list there)

fav show: ARCHER. i genuinely cannot express my archer obsession into actual words ive been bingewatching it for a year straight

fav anime/manga: monster! i also really like ghost in the shell (still have 2 watch SAC and read the manga but shhh) and one punch man

fav book: ill be real i havent fully read a book since i was a kid but ive been meaning to read blood meridian (cormac mccarthy) and earthlings (sayaka murata) the ihnmaims story was so good too

fav games: i have no mouth and i must scream is fire but other then that i dont game a whole lot anymore (╥_╥) i play stardew valley/rdr2 too sometimes

fav bands: .....guess. im a verybig fan of slipknot but i also like the angelic process, faith no more, mr. bungle, stone titan and deftones ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

fav (solo) artist: i actually cant say i listen to a whole lot but i really like fiona apple, ethel cain and jeff buckley

fav genre (music/film): umm for music im really into metal/rock.... specifically im really into drone, alternative, doom, sludge and stoner... and as for film i really like thrillers n science fiction! horrors pretty cool too

general interests/likes: aaaahhh okay im really into story writing (my spinterest actually but i havent written anything in AGES), film nerd-y stuff, metal music/culture, science fiction, seinen, the wild west, 90s-2000s music/fashion/film, lolita fashion, cannibalism (NOT in a fetish-y way) and the apocalypse (/▽\*)。o○♡

dislikes: ONIONS. cat fur getting fuckin everywhere. cold. school...... capitalism (`皿´#)

I am
ALWAYS!, alien, all of the above, ambiguous, anarchist, androgynous, angel, anomalous, anti-sexual, aromantic, asexual, ask me, autistic, big sister, bitch, blessed, both, boy hater, brunette, chapstick lesbian, chick, complex, confused, creature, curious, Dr., demon, different, differently-gendered, dude, dunno yet, dyke on a bike, eccentric, etc., everything, fag, family-closeted, fanboy, feminist, fluid, freak, friend of Dorothy, gender abolitionist, gender anarchist, gender challenged, gender confused, gender deviant, gender fluid, gender outlaw, gender pirate, genderfuck, genderqueer, girl lover, grrl, illusionist, introvert, LGBTQIA, leftist, nerd, no thank you, odd, opt-out, priest, pro-choice, queer, Reverend, shapeshifter, undeclared, wizard, YES!
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