uhmm i had so many ideas until i actually started typing. hello i am kieran or griffin or jay occasionally (trying 2 phase jay out though..) i use xe/he/it prns preferably and i am a genderfluid lesbian on the aroace spectrum!

i have manymanymany interests including archer, slipknot, story writing, coding, 90s-2000s music/fashion/film, film nerd stuff and uhhh.... yeah :D archer and slipknot r my main hyperfixes atm and ill make shrines for them ater but ill probably talk about them a bunch lol

umm to give myself a bit of backstory i was born in a cold frozen wasteland (semi-rural nsw) and i currently reside in satans actual fucking ballsack (southeast QLD)...... and yeah thats kinda it. spacehey got me interested in coding in sept-oct of 2023 and now im here! ummm just as like a little warning i do have like major bigtime social anxiety (which im working on!) sooo messages on most platforms are off.... still feel free to send a message about anything important and ill respond as quick as i can! ^_^

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